Tuesday, May 20, 2008


"I will always be there for you...promise!" Such a sweet expression but how many times have we failed to fulfill that promise? Or how many times has someone failed to fulfill a promise made to you? How would the person feel? How did you you feel? Betrayed? Dejected? Disappointed? Angry? Sad?

As a Muslim, always add 'a tag' whenever you make a promise. A tag? "InshaAllah/InsyaAllah" is a must tag for all Islamically permissible promises you make provided you do your best to fulfill them.

When you are not keen on fullfilling your promises right from the beginning, you might as well say... "I can't/won't promise you..."! It may hurt that person upon hearing it, but you are actually saving him/her from a greater hurt when you break the promise that you have made.

So, ask your inner voice...deep in your heart. Do you really want to make a promise? Would you do your best to honor it? Only you have the absolute answer!

Trust and Honesty

Trust and honesty are the foundation of any kind of a relationship. A small lie or an unspoken truth may detroy the trust and honesty, thus the relationship. Trust and honesty for the sake of Allah will always remind you the responsibilities you are entrusted in the relationship.

A relationship is SIMILAR to a vehicle - it takes you through a journey - good AND bad experiences. Some people buy a car because of 'love at first sight', some takes a long inspection before paying for it and jumping into it for a life-time drive - or perhaps for an unknown length of time. When you buy a vehicle, be whatever it is, don't you set about finding out everything possible that you should know about it? The quality - inner and outer - of it? Of course you can't know all because it takes a ride to know whether it can really work to your satisfaction and taste. Once it is yours, you tolerate with it, sort of give and take. If you just couldn't stand it anymore, after all possible reckonings, you have to get out of it for good - let it go, sell it...

To begin a relationship, don't you do ALMOST the same thing as you do when you buy a vehicle? One person may like someone at first impression, develop a friendship with him/her, which then turns into a relationship for a lifetime - be it a friendship or a marriage. Another person may take a while to be in any relationship. Either way, being a human, you do enter into a relationship at one time or another within the span of your lifetime, be for whatever purpose that only you know it...

As a Muslim, there's always a way to seek help in making a decision - right or wrong before jumping into any relationship. Ask your inner feeling - in the deep core of your heart. If the heart feels good about it, it's a yes. If it feels heavy in your heart, then it's a no. Still in confusion? "Istikhara Prayer" is the best solution to opt for - asking the Almighty for the signs that lead to His choice for you!