Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thank you for this life!

Imagine if you could capture the best time of your life and keep it in a snow globe. Place it on your bed side table. Everyday when you wake up and every night before you retire to bed, take a look at it. What would be the words that come to your mind? The first few words that you should utter the first thing in the morning to begin your day and the last words before you carry yourself to the land of dreams? Thank you, perhaps?

We say the magic words 'Thank you' to people for the things we receive from them. In return, they give us more...a smile! We smile back. The exchanged smiles bring happiness to both sides and another 'thank you' should resonate in your's the ultimate thank you because it should be addressed to the One and Only...'Thank you, God'....'Alhamdulillah!'

Your snow globe is filled with that beautiful life, the kind of life that you would not have attained if it wasn't by His Grace...the Almighty One...So, shouldn't your first and last words of the day be "Thank you, God"...."Alhamdulillah"...for He has bestowed upon you that life despite everything you do, the good and the bad, in the life that He has loaned to you?