Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Gift

The Gift is the title of my first novel. God willing, it is due to be published early next year by Muslim Writers Publishing (MWP).

The Gift was a mother’s gift to help her son rebuild his life, the life he so deserved, yet was denying due to an ill-fated event in the past. The Gift was the son’s love for his mother. The Gift was also a young woman’s gift to her own mother whose wish she failed to realize because of her unresolved past. The Gift became the catalyst for the son and the young woman to overcome their pasts while fulfilling a mother’s wish. How will the mother’s gift affect the lives of these young people? How will they get through their pasts after giving their gifts to the mother?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How do you let go?

Delicate as it may sound, in some ways or another, my two novels deal with this issue. How do you let go?

Letting go of someone or something very dear to words can describe the feel like your heart is broken into feel suffocated....your whole body becomes numbed...everything in you is broken...emotionally and physically...BUT have to just walk away...close the door...and continue to live your life must go on with or without it, him or her. The first step is hard that you feel like you have no strength to move on, but it won't get any easier if you don't make an effort to take it...

Just remember... every existence in life truly belongs to only Him. Everyone you love...your parents, husband, wife, children, friends...the home you live in...the vehicle you drive...the wealth you own...the air you breathe in...the borrowed time you live on...every single thing you possess is actually borrowed. None is actually your possession to begin with. Some people will say you now live with the memories, but these too you would have to leave behind because eventually you too would return to Him, the Owner of everything in this life and the next...

Letting go may seem hard, but knowing and believing that everything has to return to the Owner would help to explain how you could actually let something or someone go. This would be the way to help you gather whatever strength that is left. Your life may not be the same but just go on. Be brave and walk away...learn again if you have to...learn how to live the life you have lived before. And of all, always seek for His help and guidance...for He never leaves you in despair. He is the actual source of strength as you walk you finally learn to let go...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A First for Everything!

There's a first for everything, right? So, here's my first post! Really, blogging is still very new to me. But, then again, I believe there's a beginning to everything we do in life.

At Polaris Blog I'd like to share the activities I do with the kids in my English for Young Learner (EYL) classes . Also here, I would like to share my thoughts and views as I go through the ups and downs of writing a novel.

Last but not least, why the name Polaris? It's the star that doesn't change position through out the seasons. It's the one star that's always there to help guide the people at sea. It's the one star that can help you if you are lost in the woods. Once you've located Polaris, you'll be able to find your way 'home'. When I think of Polaris, I think of God, up high in the heavens, yet His hands can reach you wherever you are. So, wherever and whenever I feel 'lost' I have my God...He's the Creator of Polaris and Polaris symbolises Him though He neither resembles Polaris nor any other of His marvelous creations!